These UNFINISHED/VACANT/UNRESTORED RESIDENTIAL owned by BFS Development Company are available for your next film shoot, commercial, music video or other independent project. These properties are in various conditions and are not available for a standard lease, but are available short term and/or long term for film and photoshoot purposes. All unfinished properties are in the Carondelet Neighborhood of South St. Louis. Contact Elly at ellysdoghouse@gmail.com for more information about these properties.
Water Street
Available Services: ??
Current Status: Future tear down, no renovation or repairs planned
Accessibility/Details: all floors accessible, including exterior entry basement crawl space (not pictured), very large leak over bottom of stairwell to attic, although the small attic is in perfect shape-would need to build a walkway over the rotted part to safely use the attic
7712-18 S Broadway
(mixed residential/commercial)
Available Services: Temp Pole for electric (currently not on)
Current Status: Future renovation/restoration
Accessibility/Details: Appropriately 8,000 square feet (three floors and a basement).  All floors accessible, including one exterior entry basement (concrete floor) and one interior basement (part dirt floor, part brick floor), some soft floors due to leaks on 1st, 2nd & 3rd floors use caution.