V. "Elly" Smith is a photographer, cinematographer and video editor living in St. Louis, Missouri. In 2006 she founded Elly's Doghouse Productions to do photography and editing, focusing on short movies, and action & HDR photography. In 2007 she started doing parkour and freerunning, and joined the local stunt team TRICKset. In 2008, she and TRICKset collaborated as actors and combat choreographers with Corner Film Productions in THE DISK: CODE ZERO. She also did still photography on the set, and Corner Film Productions found her to have an eye for cinematic framing. That, and her reliable dedication to the team, earned her the honor of being cinematographer for the next feature-length movie, CASUALTIES OF THE STATE. In addition to being the cinematographer for Corner Film Productions, Elly is now a partner and producer as well as their primary still photographer.

From 2009-2012, Elly has worked as Director of Photography for Corner Film Production's full length feature film CASUALTIES OF THE STATE and their action short HAZARD PAY, as Second Camera for Clearlight Creative and Cinecada Films music video project CAILINS LYRIC, Director of Photography for three segments of the State of Mind Productions feature film video anthology FEAR, Assistant Director for SCS Studio Filmz short action fan film BATS IN THE CLOCKTOWER, Second Camera on the trailer for VIRTUE, Props & Second Camera for the Poetry Scores video project GO SOUTH FOR ANIMAL INDEX, and Director of Photography on the 2011 48hr Film Competition short FOR LEASE.  

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